Monthly Top 20

1.) Mighty Big God- Karen Peck & New River

2.) Stepping Stones- Browders

3.) The Part Where You Come In- Brian Free & Assurance

4.) Ask Me Why- Legacy Five

5.) Almost Home- Truimphant Quartet

6.) I Want To Know- Mark Trammell Quartet

7.) Child I Know The Plans- Chris Hester

8.) You Give Me Hope- Sweetwater Revival

9.) Loving Shepherd, Gracious God- Kingsmen

10.) I Won’t Trade My Crown- Down East Boys

11.) Dying To Live- Steve Warren

12.) Separation of Church and State- Big0 Mo

13.) Whenever We Pray- Beyond the Ashes

14.) If There Ever Was A Time- Crabb Family

15.) Talk About Dying- Inspirations

16.) He Leads Me Each Step Of The Way- Bowling Family

17.) Homecoming Day- Tribute Quartet

18.) Why Can’t We?- Isaacs

19.) Hold Me Up- Gordon Mote

20.) Please Forgive Me- Gaither Vocal Band


Sign On/Off Schedule

Most AM radio stations are required by the FCC's rules to reduce their power or cease operating at night in order to avoid interference with other AM stations. 770 AM WCGW is one of those stations. 770 WCGW signs off at sunset and signs back on at sunrise. Those times change from month to month. Below you will find a schedule of sign on and off times.

Month Sign On Sign Off
January 8:00 AM 5:45 PM
February 7:30 AM 6:15 PM
March 6:45 AM 6:45 PM
April* 7:00 AM 8:15 PM
May 6:30 AM 8:45 PM
June 6:15 AM 9:00 PM
July 6:30 AM 9:00 PM
August 6:45 AM 8:30 PM
September 7:15 AM 7:45 PM
October* 7:45 AM 7:00 PM
November 7:15 AM 5:30 PM
December 7:45 AM 5:15 PM