Programming: Monday - Friday

Sign-On Music
9:00 AM Music
9:15 AM The Old Trailbazer
9:30 AM Turning Point David Jeremiah
10:00 AM Truth For Life
10:30 AM Insight for Living
11:00 AM Key Life Steve Brown
11:15 AM Voice of Victory
11:30 AM In Touch Charles Stanley
12:00 PM Love Worth Finding
12:30 PM Family Talk James Dobson
1:00 PM Enjoying Everyday Life Joyce Meyer
1:15 PM Voice of the Appalachians Jeffrey Fugate
Clays Mill Road Baptist Church
1:30 PM Your Watchman on the Wall
2:00 PM Music
6:00 PM Politics and Religion

Programming: Saturday

Sign On Music
9:00 AM Door of Hope
9:15 AM Focus
9:30 AM Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer
10:00 AM Music & Quartet Time
12:00 PM Music
12:30 PM Music
1:00PM Gaither Homecoming Hour
2:00 PM Music

Programming: Sunday

Sign-On Music
8:00 AM Focus on the Church
8:30 AM Grace Missionary Baptist Church
8:45 AM Word of Truth
9:00 AM Baptist Bible Hour
9:30 AM Voice of Grace
9:45 AM Focus Public Affairs
10:00 AM Your Watchman on the Wall Weekend 
10:30 AM In Touch Charles Stanley
11:00 AM Sand Spring Baptist Church
12:00 PM Straight from the Heart
12:30 PM Focus on the Church
1:00 PM Weekend Magazine
2:00 PM Music